Financial Transparency and Reporting Readiness Assessment Tool

This tool can help states and districts meet the ESSA reporting requirements by identifying and analyzing school level expenditure data. This tool contains two components – a self-diagnostic framework and an analysis tool – that are designed to help districts and states understand the dynamics of school-level per-pupil reporting in their own district financial data.

Evidence-Based Practices in School Improvement: Resource Links

evidence cycle

Steps for Effective Decision-Making

The following external resources are organized to align with steps for strengthening the effectiveness of ESEA investments as outlined in the US Department of Education's non-regulatory guidance for strengthening education investments. These resources include tools and guides related to steps three, four, and five:

  • Plan for Implementation
  • Implement
  • Examine and Reflect

Evidence-Based Practices Resource Synthesis

This synthesis of resources presents a literature base that can be used when starting to research evidence-based practices for school improvement. The tools and resources that are included can be utilized by SEAs, LEAs, schools, and school-level stakeholders to support an evidence-based decision-making cycle in the selection and implementation of evidence-based interventions for school improvement.