The State Support Network supports state and district school improvement efforts through varying types of technical assistance, including:

Communities of Practice

In a State Support Network Community of Practice (CoP), leaders from state education agencies and districts come together to learn, share knowledge, and collaborate on a specific focus area. The CoP serves to support the needs and preferences of CoP members through targeted technical assistance and facilitated problem solving and information sharing supported by an online environment.

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Peer-to-Peer Exchanges

In a State Support Network Peer-to-Peer (P2P) exchange, leaders from state education agencies and districts convene to share their experiences and build on one another’s successes and challenges to achieve collective and continuous growth. P2P exchanges leverage opportunities created when several states or districts request similar support, want to hear what other states or districts are doing, or seek to partner across states and regions to address shared challenges.

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Individualized Technical Assistance

The Network provides individualized technical assistance designed to meet the specific needs of states and districts. Through differentiated, hands-on support, individualized technical assistance offers a partnership to help state and district staff establish conditions for improvement and effect organizational change. Individualized technical assistance services include fast response consultative support designed to solve a specific policy or implementation challenge as well as ongoing support designed to help states and districts implement key outcomes.

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Technical assistance providers such as the comprehensive centers and regional educational laboratories play integral roles in working with states and districts to plan and implement school improvement reforms. The State Support Network is collaborating with these providers to identify state and district needs and work together to meet those needs.

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